Friday, July 24, 2009

Critical Mass

Actually a yellow bell pepper. I'm thinking I wait until it gets a little red on it before picking and then bring it inside. Any thoughts?

Black plum tomato, ready to be picked. They get a little darker and have striations in them that look like they are little hand painted works of art, so beautiful.

I've had some trouble getting my baby red bell peppers to this point. Very happy to say I now have 4, that's enough for an appetizer!
Many more to come though, I just hope they keep making it.

I definitely think we've hit our pace for the tomatoes. The red and yellow grape tomatoes have been plugging along for weeks now. I didn't think the beefsteak or black plum tomatoes would ever get going... I was wrong! They've gone crazy! I'm going to contact the food bank and see if they would like the over flow. The window sill full, minus two, are all from today! The crate of grape tomatoes is 3 days worth. I've got some happy 'maters...

I continue to water once a week with the soaker hose for an hour and a half. Mother nature saved me the trouble this week, thanks lady! I also fertilize with Espoma to add nitrogen every 6 weeks. The marigolds seem to be keeping the 4 legged creatures away and the squirrels are conspicuously absent this year, odd... I hope they aren't planning a coup when the beefsteaks take off. The birds fly in and eat the bugs off the tomato plants but don't seem to do any other harm except knocking off the occasional grape tomato.

I did end up tearing out the zucchini and squash. They got a bad case of the powdery mildew and I was afraid it would spread to the tomatoes. I have learned that squash and zucchini need their own bed when planting in raised beds as I do. The beefsteaks seemed to really start to do their thing once the others were gone. I definitely got my fill of both vegetables so I don't feel shorted even though they came out early. I froze 8 bags, 2 cups each of grated zucchini. I think we'll be in good shape for zucchini bread for a while.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Looks like your plants are doing very well!! Sorry to hear about the squashes. Everyone I have spoken with here in the south is having major vine borer problems with squashes so it may not have been the powdery mildew as that rarely kills off the plants.

    Let the pepper stay on until you see some color (other than green) and then pick it to ripen indoors in your kitchen which will happen within a few days.

  2. Wow! Crazy! Love all the tomatoes lined up like little soldiers waiting to go to the big pot on the stove.

  3. Shannon, Great haul on the tomatoes. I just posted to my blog (diane in atlanta) that my yellow grape tomato plant has no tomatoes at all not even any flowers. Which is weird considering how all the other plants have been producing. Except of course my bell peppers. This is my fourth year with bell peppers and in four years I have had just one pepper. The leaves get eaten alive no matter how much I spray with neem oil.

    I'd love to see what the yellow grape plant looks like in your garden so I can see what it should look like.

  4. Diane, I'll take a picture for you tomorrow. My yellow grape is 8+ feet tall and by far the biggest producer. My peppers are producing but it has been very slow going.

  5. I love that crate of grape tomatoes. Looks like something you'd see at the farmers' market!

  6. Thanks, I've gotten those around the holidays when they have the clementines in the store, they are so handy!