Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!

Today we prepared the beds for the new season of veggies! It was so great to play in the dirt again after a very long and snowy winter.

We decided since the squash and zucchini couldn't play well with the other plants, and since they were admittedly a little crowded where they were, that we would make them a new home next to the raised beds.

We had some stumps taken out a little over a year ago and never did anything with the space. In a effort to use the space, and hopefully stop any further erosion, we built planting wells. I thought if we used the wells you would put outside a basement window that we could build up the hill and give the plants some better dirt. For now we put straw behind them but we will be planting a fast growing ground cover soon since we disturbed the dirt. We use a left over garden tie to help hold them sturdy and to keep the dirt from washing down between the wells. The wells are held in place by 3, 18 inch re-bars on each one.

My order will be placed with Tasteful Garden this week! I'm so excited to get started again!

Next post: What are we planting this year?