Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preparing for late summer plantings

Although the summer heat and humidity is in full swing I have my eyes set on fall goodies. I ordered my end of summer plants from Tasteful Garden this week and they should be here next week. I also picked up 8 bags of cow manure for my raised gardens. I have a feeling the tomatoes and cucumbers sapped a lot of the good stuff out of the soil.

The cucumbers are nearing their end. I don't think the last couple are going to fully develop. Next year I think I'm going to do the cucumbers on an arbor. They got too crowded on the trellis I made for them. I under estimated how prolific they would be.

The red and yellow grape tomatoes have slowed on their ripening but there is still a lot of green ones and blooms so I think they will keep plugging along.

The beefsteaks are doing their thing as well as the black plum tomatoes. I probably have enough black plums to do another 2 pound bag for the freezer. I included some picks from my freezing frenzy.

I'll check back when I have my new plantings to give you the low down on what I have planned!

Stay cool!


  1. I can't wait to see! I envy your fortitude with the 8 bags of cow manure. I could use 8 bags of cow manure but the thought of heaving those forty pound bags exhausts me. I know I'm going to need more....

  2. I'm a little perplexed as to how this is all going to work because my tomatoes and peppers are still clipping along and I have my soaker hose all entwined in the garden. I guess I will just put the manure on top and kind of work it in.

    I froze more tomatoes last night, 6 more pounds (in two pound bags). I even mixed in some of the beefsteaks in with the black plums, we'll see what they taste like. I need to get a food mill because we don't like lumpy tomatoes in our sauce and chili.

    I take pics this weekend!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna head out to the Tasteful Garden site later and see if there's anything I can plant for my climate. I'm worried about getting plants in the heat, though. I wonder if they can survive the packaging?

  4. I got all my veggies from TG last Thursday. Everything made it through shipping in the heat except the spinach, too tender. They were great though, they gave me a credit for those and I'll get them later in September, early October.