Friday, October 23, 2009

Cabbage Worms Are Not My Friend

Here is one of my two cabbage plants. The cabbage worms seemed to have had mercy on this one. I felt the inside and there is a little baby cabbage head in there!

The kale on the other had they feasted on! This is all that is left for now, but I know it will come back in a week or so.

The collard greens also met a similar fate as the kale but it is coming back quickly also.

Check this monster out! This is my broccoli. It looks like it is working on 3 heads of broccoli, we'll see!

I sprayed everything with organic insecticide designed to get rid of the cabbage worms and a couple of other varmints but leaves the good bugs alone.

I'll keep you updated!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your cabbage worms! I've had a TERRIBLE time with them. I've picked and squished a few hundred I bet, and found a few clusters of eggs too. I, like you, seem to have a few heads of cabbage though that look like they're going to make it....

    Looking at your kale, are you sure it's worms that did that? If it is, then maybe it's worms that ate my broccoli after all....